Real Skifi

Nothing Serious

It’s hard to take anyone seriously when they’re wearing purple skinny jeans and ski boots. It’s even harder when they’re also making super G turns up a golf course, or juggling tennis balls while sliding a handrail in the Finnish suburbs.

But, after watching the high-consequence hijinks in Real Skifi’s 16-part webisode series, it’s almost impossible not to.

It’s also impossible to not smile or want to go skiing. The crew, made up of Finnish skiers Juho Kilkki, Ilkka and Verneri Hannula, and filmer/director Janne Korpela, have spent the past five years putting together some of the most quirky, fun and creative segments out there. They are so bizarre and impressive they require their own genre: “Skifi,” or “ski fiction,” a play on “science fiction.”…

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