Sammy Carlson

Stoking The Fire: Sammy Carlson and That Feeling

¬†Sammy Carlson’s official title is “Skier in Training.” You can call him

Unofficially, Carlson is one of the best skiers in the world. He’s an X
Games gold medalist and subject of a self-titled quasi-documentary. He
dropped his breakout video segment when he was 16, and was a top Olympic
hopeful. But what started it all was the title he earned while attending Mt.
Hood’s Windell Ski Camp.

“You know how at camp there’s normally a C.I.T., ‘Counselor In Training?'”
Carlson says. “Well, the head of the program gave me the Ski.I.T. title,
which stood for ‘Skier In Training.’ My job was to ski as much as
possible-that’s what he wanted me to do, just grow into the best skier I
could. That started the passion.”…

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