Remco Kayser on train



On Track: Connecting Switzerland’s Ski Jewels by Train

It’s 6:30 p.m. at a train station several hours east of Geneva. Barreling up the ramp, we only have a few moments before the doors close as we frantically look for a spot to jigsaw our ski bags. The train, loaded with folks going home from a long day of work, begins to fill with the pungent smell of our damp ski boots. Limping to a seat, wet gear and all, I plop down with a sigh of relief. 

My knee is hanging on by a thread. It’s February, the fifth day of our mission, and Remco Kayser is busy coordinating rooms and dinner at the next resort on our multiday ski-by-train journey—five Swiss ski resorts in 14 days, all connected by the country’s most-coveted public transportation. Anttu Oikkonen asks filmer Nick Meilleur to pull out his camera—he wants to peep some visual nuggets from the day’s harvest. The last bit of light is glowing behind the tips of the mountains as the hulking people mover takes off. My travel anxiety fades and a sense of gratitude washes over me. This has to be the coolest, most ridiculous way to spend my first trip to Europe…

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