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The sunrise sets. And the sunsets rise. Whatever perception of time we have, it occurs that time never really stands still. Sometimes we are too busy to notice that hours fly by and other times we are so strongly aware that “what is soon” will take hours, eternities to go by. Whatever your perception, the sun will set and it will rise. 

The wobbly path around the sun will set seasons apart and we do notice that time has moved on at some point.
A distant mountain in Sweden has made its name from a humble echo in the ski community—most freestyle skiers have at some point and in some way heard about Riksgränsen.

There are a million things to love about Riksgränsen, and many Swedes, including myself, would define it as some of the best skiing Sweden has to offer. Other countries’ mountains outshine Sweden’s very flat landscapes. Riksgränsen, however, is actually a decent piece of Norway’s landscape within Swedish borders, which we patriotically and blindly hold dear. The mountain serves a source of national pride… 

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