The Mentor: JP Auclair

Almost two decades ago, JP Auclair and The New Canadian Air Force left the moguls scene for the terrain park and changed the face of skiing. Now 31 years old, Auclair continues to learn about the backcountry and quietly progress his own skiing—while at the same time expanding his role in the industry and passing on what he has learned to up-and-coming athletes like TJ Schiller, Michelle Parker and Phil Casabon.

It’s 1:30 a.m. deep in the British Columbia interior, and the drone of sled engines fills the night air. Kootenay locals Phil and Paul stand on opposite runners of a single sled, sharing gas and brake duties. Behind them, Jean-Philippe (JP) Auclair clings to a tow rope while getting barreled up a 40-degree cat track. Backlit by the headlights of three trailing snow machines, and enveloped in spray, he’s slashing left and right with the contours of the road, dragging a hand under mini-cornices. Never mind that we’ve already skied 10 hours and it’s minus 30 degrees Celsius—JP is stoked…

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