Wayne Wong

Recent Canadian Ski Hall of Fame inductee Wayne Wong was the rock star of his generation. He talks with Gordy Skoog about freestyling the 70s, his unforgettable signature style and developing a pro model ski at 60. The Wong Banger, The Slow Dog Noodle and the cool factor of ski ballet are but a few of the topics covered.

…I remember standing at the top of Round House in Sun Valley, at my first Chevy contest in ’72, watching everyone flipping around and doing their tricks, and then Wong showed up. He had an aura about him. A year earlier he had taken third place at the Waterville National Exhibition, and his image—the white glasses and toothy grin, deeply tanned face, black mop of hair—was everywhere, in magazines and even in a nationally aired Pepsi commercial. I snatched an opening and jumped on the T-bar with him to learn all his secrets. Nearly 40 years later I still have questions for the man behind those mirrored lenses…

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