Elevenate Bed de Rosses Jacket


Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket and Pant

It’s not often that I find outerwear that fits the sweet spot between fitted and baggy in the women’s section—that perfect balance that takes your mind off the gear on your back while you’re laying tracks. You can always go bigger, but proportion-wise things can get skewed too much for comfort between the width of hips and length of legs. A lot of times, my female friends and I will commonly wear men’s advertised gear and lean towards a looser fit. With that in mind being, I was both intrigued and nervous about the Elevenate Bec de Rosses jacket and pant, which is billed as an all-seasons and all-terrain waterproof, breathable kit. Was this setup, named after the infamous Verbier freeski venue, an answer to my near life-long search for comfortably fitting performance outerwear?

Bec de Rosses Jacket from Elevenate

ABOVE The Bec de Rosses’ Easy-to-reach pit vents make it easy to dump heat in a pinch, without removing gloves or mittens. Photo: Colin Wiseman

From what I could tell online, Swedish-designed Elevenate outerwear tends to run true to size, so I went with a medium set and was pleasantly surprised to not be wishing I had gone larger. The pants hugged my waist enough to stay put while allowing room for layering and enough space for mobility. I’ve always preferred to ride in bibs for their security and comfort, and these are definitely the most multi-faceted I have worn. The kicker is that the waistband and attached suspenders are optional, with a zipper detachment so they can be worn as pants on shallower days. But even without a fresh layer of snow, I found the suspenders and high, soft waistband helpful in keeping snow out and feeling the right amount of snug with a mid-layer underneath, minus any uncomfortable constriction. The pant legs are also designed to have enough room for a straight leg fit over boots, adding a little bit of style over a boot-cut women’s ski pant.

ABOVE Full coverage hood, even with layers and helmet on. Photo: Courtesy Elevenate

Both jacket and pants feature a blend of 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabrics, aiming to provide breathable, durable quality for the entirety of your ski day, and your full season. That came especially handy on a few wet December days at Mt Baker Ski Area, WA keeping me dry when it was 33 degrees and precipitating. After a long day on the hill, both garments were easily packed down and lightweight, an important feature when storage is limited on the road.

ABOVE The Pacific Northwest is notorious for strings of wet, deep storms, making it the ideal proving ground for outerwear like the Elevenate Bec de Rosses kit. Photo: Colin Wiseman

As someone with long legs and arms for my height, I can get discouraged finding gear that fits. I’ve always strayed from buying gear online, as it can be extremely hit or miss. But the Bec de Rosses Jacket has long arms and a straight fit ideal for me to feel mobile without losing coverage. It flexes with you and has an almost invisible feel. I tend to run hot, so I was hyped to find large vents with two-way zippers running from my inner arm to the bottom of my ribcage to kick unwanted heat. The jacket also has huge pockets in the front for easy storage with a pack on and is climbing harness ready as well. This jacket has a high collar, and hood that fits well with or without a helmet, providing total coverage in a storm.

Dog friendly outerwear with Elevenate

ABOVE With a custom-feel fit that moves with you rather than hangs off you, the Bec de Rosses jacket and pant are après lot and snow dog approved. Photo: Colin Wiseman

Even though it arrived in the mail rather than off the store rack, I felt like this set was truly curated for my body to ski and bend naturally, and had ample room for storage and plenty of ventilation. Overall, the Bec de Rosses kit is a solid, dependable addition to your gear closet with options to layer or wear light, and easy packing capabilities. If you are going to invest in a high-end outerwear setup, Elevenate has ironed out the details that will keep you moving in comfort lap after lap.

Tester info:

Age: 24
Height: 5’ 7”
Size: Medium

The Elevenate Bec De Rosses Jacket retails for $900, while the Bec De Rosses Pants run $800. They are available at Elevenate.com and in fine ski shops worldwide.


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