Photo Essay

Chad Sayers Behind the Lens

Perched on a rock in the Goyko Valley, high in the cathedral of the Himalayas, Chad Sayers knew he was in the right place. Fresh out of high school, he’d traveled with a friend to Nepal, camera in hand. It was there, pointing his Nikon F90X at the tallest peaks on Earth that he considered the […]

The Bunch

The sunrise sets. And the sunsets rise. Whatever perception of time we have, it occurs that time never really stands still. Sometimes we are too busy to notice that hours fly by and other times we are so strongly aware that “what is soon” will take hours, eternities to go by. Whatever your perception, the sun will set […]

Giving a Huck

A huck differs from any other form of gravity-defying travel. A flawless Hugo Harrison stomp in the middle of an Alaskan line or a Bobby Brown’ed switch double 1440 over a 120-foot tabletop are by no means hucks. A huck is more of an emotional relationship with gravity. Whether it’s a Seth Morrison hate huck that […]

Italy’s Dolomites

Italy. Does any other country elicit such a palpable sense of place at its mere mention? The food and wine, the language and art, the Mediterranean and the mountains. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there or not, Italy is tangible in its imagery.  The stature of the Dolomite Mountains is as unmistakable as the […]

Glorious Excess

While producing the 11th volume of The Ski Journal, 21,183 photos from 72 different photographers passed through my hard drives. These images were taken all over the world, in places as far-reaching as Austria, Michigan, Uganda, Russia, Iceland and Turkey, covering a disjointed web of subject matter from snow leopards to go-karts to iron mines. This […]


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