Celebrating 30 Seasons

Unique Since ’89 – Presented by Orage Orage has been perpetuating mountain culture since 1989. For 30 seasons they have supported self-expression in the ski industry. Meet the Orage team and learn about their role in creating truly unique gear. WIN – Orage Horizon Shell Jacket This is Elyse Saugstad’s jacket of choice! *5x Extra Entry – Share, […]

The Freaks Strike Again

There is one thing about the Freaks that you can always count on: whatever or wherever they’re skiing, they’ll go big and make it look damn good in the process. Victor Major and Baker Boyd keep the reputation alive during a day in the Colorado backcountry with filmer Ben Moscona. Seulement 2, les problèmes respiratoires ont un […]

Jeremy Pancras: Annecy Bound

Jib-master Jeremy “Pan” Pancras is at it again, wasting no time to throw down in the streets of his home town of Annecy, France. From rails to backflip tree bonks, this dude knows how to do urban.

Skier Fundraising Has A New Bar

To survey a scene of roasting goats, pigs, whisky, bonfires, bands, and over 1000 athletes getting together to celebrate life and raise money for a fellow skier, one thing is for sure: no one will ever say skiers don’t know how to throw a party.

Karl Fostvedt Brings it Back to Basics with Brap Ski 2

Amid an industry moving towards narrative and layered storylines, pro skier Karl Fostvedt decided it was time to turn the clock back on ski movies this year, returning to the roots of high octane shred flicks. His newest project, “Brap Ski 2” is a year-long project builds off its predecessor, getting the blood pumping and […]

TGR Drops Trailer for New Film ‘Magic Hour’

While there is no FDA-approved antidote for the summer doldrums, Teton Gravity Research has been developing its own cure to the common sweaty funk between ski seasons. Released this month, the trailer for TGR’s newest film, Magic Hour is a preview of the miracle drug, and early online tests have shown a dramatic improvement of […]

Tom Wallisch and Good Company get ‘Fresh Squeezed’

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—unless you are Tom Wallisch. To quench his mountain thirst, the Pretzel Man used the pandemic winter of 2021/2022 to mix up his own concoction at some of freeskiing’s classic locales. The result? Backcountry jump and street skiing deliciousness. Tom has chosen the best of the best to join […]

Micah Evangelista’s Two-Year Film Project – “BOURN”

The idea of  “home” resonates differently for everyone. For some, your hometown can be a place you’re trying to escape from, but for others it has a magnetic pull that can’t be broken. Born and raised in the small town of Glacier, WA at the foot of Mt. Baker, Micah Evangelista was lucky enough to […]

Inside Kyrgyzstan’s First Freeride Competition

Kyrgyzstan may not have the storied alpine history of some of the major ski players like the Alps or the Rockies, but it’s not for lack of terrain. In fact, the central Asian country is 85 percent mountainous and home to one of the largest alpine lakes in the world, feeding dry lake effect snow […]

‘North of Now’ is Sammy Carlson Perfection

Some say artists are rarely appreciated in their time, but those same folks have obviously never met Sammy Carlson. In his latest masterpiece, North of Now, the rubber-band man of freeskiing paints it red, spinning and backcountry buttering his way into online edit lore. Carlson, who made camp north of the border for much of […]

Respect Your ‘Roots’

The Faction Collective’s new feature film Roots: Foundations of Freeskiing has it all: big mountains, big air, big powder, big smiles, and some light philosophical musings. From Wyoming to Finland, untamed couloirs to sculpted jumps, Roots takes the viewer on a visual trip during a year many skiers stayed put, utilizing spectacular cinematography to bring […]

Markus Eder’s Run Rules Them All

If you weren’t excited about ski season yet, Markus Eder is about to change that. With perhaps the most complete top to bottom performance ever shared on the internet (sorry, Candide, it’s true), Eder may have made me spit out my coffee—and I wasn’t even drinking any. Eder dropped his new film “The Ultimate Run,” […]

TGR Kicks Off Ski Film Tour September 18

To celebrate its 26th year of adventure filmmaking, Teton Gravity Research dares to ask, “What is stoke?” Their 2021 ski film, “STOKE THE FIRE,” features a star-stacked ensemble including Sammy Carlson, Ian McIntosh, and Kai Jones, among many, many others. In a sneak peak of the action heading our way, the trailer juxtaposes cheeky humor […]

Imagination Skiing With Sämi Ortlieb

Sämi, you’ve done it again! Feeling our summertime blues, creative freeskier Sämi Ortlieb teamed up with the likes of Rob Heule and Remco Kaiser, among others, to drop one of the most fun edits we’ve seen in a long, long time. Using some nifty stop motion and post production wizardry, the crew spends three minutes, […]


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