Free Cat Skiing at Mustang Powder

If you can competently blog (keep the words stoke, dude, bro, gnarly, epic, etc… to a minimum), then you can win a trip to Mustang Powder, a cat skiing operation near Revelstoke. Photo editor, Grant Gunderson, just got back from a week at Mustang and advised we let people know about this contest. We are so stoked because dude, this place looks sick! Check out how to enter.

We are all blogging these days. Even people who aren’t doing anything interesting blog about it. Hopefully you have a site abudant with quality content and high traffic, so when the judges at Mustang Powder read your post about why you want to go cat skiing, they might pick you. All bloggers are requested to post a link to the cat skiing operation, so a high traffic site might help.

The winner receives 3 days of cat skiing and 3 nights of accomodation in the Cribs-style timber-frame lodge. Also, don’t bring your PB & J, Mustang Powder has a gourmet chef who will be preparing your food for the visit.

Check out Mustang Powder for more information.


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