Telus Who Won Ten Thousand Dollars at the Pro Photo Showdown

The Ski Journal’s Grant Gunderson, along with five other professional surf and ski photographers competed last week at what might just be the marquis event of the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler: The sold-out Pro Photographer Showdown.

Mike Douglas
Mike Douglas on the mic.

With $10k on the line and a grip of gear from Olympus to boot, a nine minute slideshow was required for each competitor. And the six photographers from the ski and surf world obliged, displaying nine minutes of their best work. With creative edits set to a wide variety of music, it was a better show than watching our favorite ski, surf, and bike porn.

Britt Molly Steph
Britt, Molly and Steph before the show.

Erik Seo showed us the lights. Grant Gunderson provided the big airs and photo composition that would make any ski photographer jealous. Yves Garneau made everyone really want to ski the Swiss Alps. Jeremy Koreski demonstrated how surfing can be colder than skiing. Mason Mashon took a more POV approach, and showed how an unknown twenty-four year old living the mountain life can provide a compelling story about his day-to-day pursuits. And Brian Bielmann demonstrated what comes out of 35 years of shooting the best surf spots in the world.

Holly Walker
Holly Walker, ready to cast her vote/ping pong ball.

In the end, the people’s choice and the grand prize went to Biehlam for his mermaid/big wave/underwater surf shots, claiming, upon acceptance, “I’d like to thank Jimi Hendrix and Bjork…And the crowd of skiers and snowboarders, because I have never skied in my life.” Enjoy the $10,000 Brian–maybe it will get you some ski lessons.


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