April Showers, Brings May Powder

The telemetry numbers are off and the ski area is no longer reporting snowfall totals. I don’t know how much snow has fallen the last couple of days. I just know it has been good. Really good.

The beginning of May last year involved packing, driving, moving; it was my escape from Utah to the Pacific Northwest, from the desert to the rainforest. This May, it wouldn’t matter where I was residing, since the entire west has recently received strong, cold storms; contentment is easy to find anywhere there is snow at the beginning of May.

As unique as snow in May are the characters who remain after the “official” closing of the season. What would happen if no closing of the ski area ever occured? Furthermore, what if there was never an opening? What would the boundaries and time constraints be on the “ski season” for most skiers? For myself, and a few other current Glacier, WA residents, a close to ski season simply means there is no more snow to ski. This year in May, no “close” appears in sight.

skinning.jpg A few Washington skiers who keep their skis out all year long; they know it doesn’t have to be Christmas for powder.


willowspillows.jpg Willow Chute and Willows Pillows at Mt. Baker with no tracks, a rare and unusual sight.

shusksan.jpg Amidst the heavy snow and wind, Mt. Shuksan poked out for awhile.

doglines.jpg Bogart and Tema testing the low density snow.


cold.jpg Cold enough for a puffy.

la-corolita.jpg If you are going to ski in style, you might as well get there in style.

chairlift.jpg I never get to sit on lifts like this; stealing the opportunity to lounge on the lift.

dustin.jpg Dustin, proud owner of “La Corolita” and happy the ski area is shut down so he is not patrolling today.






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