Exchanging Shorts for Ski Boots: Jacqui Edgerly on South America

One of the first season’s I met Jacqui Edgerly she won the North Face Young Gun award. Since then Edgerly has made a graceful presence on the Freeskiing World Tour circuit, winning last year’s South American stop at La Parva and ultimately claiming second place overall. Filming and continuing to pursue competitions, Jacqui talks a little about her plans for a month and a half in South America this summer; so far El Colorado and Las Lenas are on the itinerary. Good luck Jacqui!

You won the competition at La Parva last year, right? What is your game plan for going down this year and winning?

I am planning on going down and doing my best with a calm, confident, and open mindset. I am feeling strong and healthy after a little time off; the biking and the yoga have been a great help in revitalizing after ski season. Having the tour (Freeskiing World Tour) start down in South America with two brand new venues will be an exciting way to kick off the tour. I can’t wait!

What other plans do you have for South America?

I will be going to Las Lenas, Argentina and filming with Sweetgrass Productions for three weeks before the competitions, getting my mind and body back into ski mode. From there I plan on making my way down to El Colorado and back to Las Lenas for the competitions. After that I’ll see what happens…

Other than skiing, what has summer brought for you? What activities prepare you for skiing in August?

I love summer time. It is so nice to ditch the warm clothes and gear and pick up a bike or surfboard. This spring I went on a surf trip down in Mexico for three weeks. Since then just riding my bike, practicing yoga, and gardening. Soaking up the sun.

What is unique about competing in Chile?

We are so lucky to be able to have a competition down in Chile. The resorts are small with cute little towns, no more than 200 people. There are no signs or trees, so the visibility can get really bad. One day last year a whole crew of us were skiing a few days before the competition, the weather moved in and we looked like fish out of water flopping and falling all over the place with vertigo. It is a blast to travel to another country with the whole competition family. Everyone is stoked after taking a little summer break. I think the skiing caliber will be up there this summer. Everyone is rested and ready to charge. Also having a competition down in South America opens up doors to Chilean and Argentinean skiers who cannot travel to the U.S or Canada for the events.

The North Face Chilean Freeskiing Championships is scheduled for August 19-21 at El Colorado, Chile. Registration for the Las Lenas, Argentina stop goes live Wednesday, July 28, and will undeniably fill up fast. For registration or more information, visit the Freeskiing World Tour.


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