The Santa Rosa Hits Bariloche

While waiting for our bus to Argentina, watching the rain melt the snow off the trees in Termas, I received an email from the guys at South America Snow Sessions down in Bariloche. It is dumping. Read on for the full report.


Bariloche is the place to be this August. Chile is dry, New Zealand doused with rain, and Lenas has more teeth than Shark Week. Last week, a system moved through that dumped four feet at mid-mountain.

Winds kept the upper mountain closed as another system moved in two days ago and proved to be even bigger than the first. The usual rain in the valley was replaced by a heavy snow, unlike anything to hit Bariloche this season.

Rumors are circulating that as of this morning, there may be upwards of 10 feet at the top of Cerro Catedral. The forecast is showing clear skies and cold temps for the weekend. The athletes and filmers are gearing up for what looks to be the weekend of the year here in Bariloche. —Jack Pollner

Perfect timing for our group. We have our fingers crossed that all of our gear makes it across the border. Ten feet of new snow shouldn’t be navigated on rentals. Photos and stories from Bariloche, the Santa Rosa’s golden child of 2010, on the way.


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