Backcountry Dreamin’: North Cascades Mountain Guides Hosts Women’s Clinic

Whenever the snow starts falling, they inevitably fill the night–ski dreams. And when the nighttime hallucinations start, in September or October, it is easy to create an early “bucket list” for the upcoming winter. For everyone, that probably involves becoming a better skier. For ladies, a women-specific ski camp is one way to fulfill that list. Maybe a women’s alpine touring clinic. Read on for more details.


The dream: soon to be replaced with images of skiing pow.

I hope the recurring dream isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. Skiing is in and crutches are out. And by “out”, I mean not hip, not acceptable, not this year. But still, I keep having the vision of myself back upon them–just like last year after ACL surgery in September.

No, this year, the return of La Nina, will be the return of Molly Baker skiing pow all season long. And I will be skiing with my friends. Most of my girlfriends live in snowy places, such as Utah, Colorado, and Alaska, not the small, male dominated town of Glacier, Washington. Luckily I have been invited to coach at this year’s women’s alpine touring clinic, January 6 to 9, hosted by North Cascades Mountain Guides. It’s going to be an all ladies ski adventure. Just the way a lot of ladies like it.


The ladies: insert faces of your friends here.

And you can count me in on that group of women who likes skiing with other gals. While living in Salt Lake City and living with a group of skier chicks, we frequently had packages addressed to the “Extreme Estrogen Establishment.” Although most of the “extreme” came from the one female resident who dabbled in ski base-jumping, we all had our way to contribute.


The team: AMGA ski mountaineering guide Anne Keller shows the ladies how it’s done.

The women’s alpine touring clinic will focus on the ways in which a few different women can contribute–rescue knowledge, backcountry travel skills, and freeskiing technique will all be covered. Ranging from the expertise knowledge of AMGA ski mountaineering guide Anne Keller and Crystal Mountain patroller Erica Engle to the freeskiing influence of Emily Grady and myself, we will wrap-it-up “extreme estrogen establishment” style. Please come join us–space is limited to only 12 women.


The setting: The North Cascades.


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