Image Quest Returns to Valle Nevado

Image Quest is pleased to announce the second annual Valle Nevado photo camp. The camp is set for August 9-16th and is open to anyone looking to become a professional ski photographer or an enthusiastic amateur with well developed skills. Scenic Valle Nevado is known as one of the best ski areas in Chile, with vast amounts of terrain and a prime location surrounded by the Andes. The participants will be able to experience a wide range of skill-sets, everything from low-fidelity photography to marketing yourself as a brand. The instructors will include Tom Winter, Nils Schlebusch and Keri Bascetta, all of which are well versed and highly experienced professionals.

Module: gallery_album
Item: Nevado Image Quest
Displays the photo gallery for a selected Gallery Album.

For more info, check out Valle Nevado’s website here, and get the scoop on one of the most adventurous photo camps around.


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