The Trails Are Waiting at The Steven’s Pass Bike Park

Located 78 miles east of Seattle on Washington’s scenic “Cascade Loop,” the Steven’s Pass Bike Park is as welcoming and lively an atmosphere as any time during the winter. The Park is well into its second full season and currently home to four trails–including “Rock Crusher,” an intermediate flow trail riddled with tables and berms; “Slingshot Wookie,” an advanced, downhill-style single track with rock features and wall rides; and “Lichen It,” an intermediate single track that flows into “Luvin’ It.” With more trails in the works (including a machine-excavated advanced jump trail, opening mid-season of this year), things are only going to get more exciting on the Pass.

Lifts spin from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday (perfect breakfast to apres-ride timing) and the RV camping lot is open and ready for your Westfalia, Dolphin or battered shuttle-truck, so pack up your bikes and hit the road. The trails are waiting.

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