Junkies on Budget: Team Lachner

The latest segment from Junkies on a Budget focuses on Team Lachner’s luminous antics and a glorious quarter pipe encased in a box of psychedelic light–a feature like a gift from Zeus dredged from the depths of Hades.

Take five of Europe’s talented film makers and set them up with a sizable amount of money and you have Junkies on a Budget aka JOB. The different teams are made up of selected filmmakers and a few athletes. Each team has a creative vision that is compiled into a unique ski film organized by passionate people with original ideas. Satori is the latest creation by JOB and features, Team Lachner, Team Seanography, Team PVS and Team Real Skifi.

Junkies on a Budget: SATORI – Trailer a Ski video by junkiesonabudget


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