Beartooth Summer Session 2014

Summer’s here, and bikes, kayaks and lawn chairs have taken the mud-room spots once held for skis and boots. But starting on June 5th, the die-hard folks of Beartooth Basin Ski Area, near Red Lodge, MT, gave winter one last hurrah with the Beartooth Summer Session, presented by ON3P skis.

With sunny booters, high-alpine corn gnar, the infamous cornice drop and even a road gap, this year’s event turned the volume to 11. From parking lot hijinks to slushy yardsales, a good time was had by all and the rad was shreddeth. Oh, and lots of stump fires. I mean, it’s Montana, right? Something’s gotta burn.

Here’s to winter, and only 51 weeks until next year’s summer session. Start the countdown.


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