On the Brink | Kelly Cordes

See how Kelly Cordes pushes Patagonia’s gear to its limits to identify the right balance of functionality and design that defines Patagonia’s product. Kelly and other field testers try out Patagonia’s gear before it hits the market to determine what it can handle through everything but light use, using a series of built-for-the-mountains and worst-case-scenario processes–some more serious than others.

A word from Patagonia about the film:

At any given moment, a select group of Patagonia field testers are scrambling across scree, bombing fall-or-die lines or spinning through miles of single track. Field testing guru Kelly Cordes takes us on a journey through the extremes of Patagonia’s field testing program and possibly to the brink of hypothermia.

 Kelly is known for his unique approach to life, climbing and especially field testing. Our latest film takes an in depth view into his mega serious world of field testing and life…on the brink.

We promise, we take this work – if not always ourselves – seriously.


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