Stay-At-Home with these Free Ski Movies

The best free online ski flicks...and some secondhand endorphins

With more and more states implementing the stay-at-home order, it’s time for a lot of us to hang those planks up (temporarily). But to keep that ski stoke flowing, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite full-length ski films available for free online. Drop in, and tune out—deep days are on the horizon.


This film documents the unique perspectives on a sport that has shaped the lives of Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre, and Pep Fujas. Featuring guest riders such as Kye Petersen, Chris Benchetler, and Sammy Carlson.

few words

This documentary retraces the life story of one of the most accomplished skiers in the world, Candide Thovex. You may know him from his “One of Those Days” videos, but in this film you get to know what made Candide into the skier he is today.


The acronym stands for “Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness,” and is actually the bonus chapter created by Shane McConkey in the book “Squallywood.” It also makes for a fine film. But this isn’t a movie about perfect pillow lines or sunset jump sessions, it takes us back to the reason we all started skiing in the first place: fun.


A personal favorite of mine from the Strictly crew documenting the 2018-2019 season. This group of friends-turned-ski-movie-makers is comprised of some very talented riders and plenty of good vibes.

lite years

After three years and sixteen web edits, this is The Big Picture’s first ever movie. Join the Logans, Rainville, King, Adams, and White on a powder-filled party, assured to leave you feeling good.


From Mt. Baker to Haines, Alaska Believe is a non-stop shred fest. Follow Tanner Hall and crew members Seth Morrison, Sean and Callum Pettit, and Kye Peterson in this classic cut from Inspired Media.


Level 1 has produced 20 great ski movies over the past 20 years. Turbo is the ninth installment in this saga. Join their crew of dedicated skiers throughout North America in the unforgettable season of 2008.

Hot Dog…The Movie

Need a break from reality? Press play on one of the most classic ski films ever made and remember why we all have a little Squirrel in us.


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