Karl Fostvedt Brings it Back to Basics with Brap Ski 2

Amid an industry moving towards narrative and layered storylines, pro skier Karl Fostvedt decided it was time to turn the clock back on ski movies this year, returning to the roots of high octane shred flicks. His newest project, “Brap Ski 2” is a year-long project builds off its predecessor, getting the blood pumping and minds dreaming of a long winter ahead.

“We’re not really trying to break the mold, we’re just trying to make some awesome ski porn for people to check out,” says Fostvedt.

With minimal audio beyond music, “Brap Ski 2” delivers a showing of simple filmmaking that delivers big lines, deep snow, and appearances from icons like former Hahnenkamm winner Daron Rahlves. The film also brings in more of the up-and-coming crowd in backcountry and freeride skiing, giving them an outlet to put their talents on display. And what a performance it is, setting the stage for years of quality ski segments to come, and putting the ski world on notice.

“I’m just fired up to have our roster of athletes continue to grow and to improve,” says Fostvedt. “I think we’re here to make a statement.”


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