Owen Leeper Skiing Jackson Hole, WY

A word from Owen Leeper about his latest edit: 

2023 was a huge winter in Jackson Hole, we skied powder more days than I could count, it was amazing. These are some of my favorite lines skiing in the backcountry of Jackson Hole. With all the snow, it made it hard to ski above treeline, but on the few days we did, it was awesome.

In early February I was caught in an avalanche and dislocated my shoulder. I was lucky enough to only take a few weeks off doing physical therapy, and was able to finish the season. The doctor said that if I were to crash on my arm, I would likely need surgery right away and my season would be over. So the remainder of the winter was mellow for me, with no huge cliffs to jump off, but still managed to ski a bunch of fun lines.

Thanks for all the support this season, I couldn’t have done it without my amazing sponsors and support from people like you that watch my videos to motivate me to get strong and back on the slopes.


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