Bob Woodall Gallerie

The Influencer: Bob Woodall’s Jackson Soul

Bob Woodall and Wade McKoy share a storage unit off of Highway 89, just south of Jackson, WY. In it sits the history of Jackson Hole on film—filing cabinets packed with sheets upon sheets of slides that span more than four decades. Austrian Franz Klammer winning the resort’s World Cup downhill in 1975. “Sick” Rick Armstrong earning his Jackson Hole Air Force wings off 100-foot-tall Insomnia Rock. Eric Roner shredding Pucker Face with reckless abandon. It’s an analog treasure trove rooted in ski lore, a collection that defined the “Big One” as the extreme ski capital of the world. 

You’ve likely heard of McKoy. Dubbed “Jackson’s original ski photographer” by Jackson Hole Magazine, his written and photographic work has appeared in publications such as Outside, Sports Illustrated, Powder and this one, and he was one of the first to document major ski expeditions in distant locales like China, India and Africa. 

But these iconic photos of Klammer, Armstrong and Roner are Woodall’s, a man that, with over 40 years of ski photography to his name, remains largely unknown… 

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