Pioneers in Patagonia

Uncharted Environs: Explorations in Argentine Patagonia

It was the middle of August and we were in full ski gear standing in a pasture surrounded by cattle. Gauchos on horseback roamed the periphery. Myself, photographer Adam Clark and fellow skier Connery Lundin felt like astronauts next to their dusty Western attire. Soon, a helicopter landed and Patagonia Heliski co-owner Justin Lozier stepped out. He’d just completed a recon of a zone we’d be skiing that day.

“There’s three feet of pow up there,” he said. 

We’d been there for three days and we’d soon be making our first turns of the trip. Lozier’s been chasing the Southern Hemisphere winter since 2006, and he’s just beginning to explore the tenure of his operation in Argentine Patagonia, which aims to set a new standard for heliskiing protocol in South America…

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