With film parts in The Approach and Faction’s Abstract, Rouches is re-setting the bar for up-and-coming skiers in the Pacific Northwest.


Sophia Rouches


Late in the 2022 season, Sophia Rouches made up her mind to hit the infamous Mt. Baker road gap. For generations of locals, jumping over Highway 542 has represented a pinnacle accomplishment, a rite of passage and cause for top bragging rights rolled into one death-defying, camera-friendly stunt.

“Dropping in 10,” she announced to her crew, then swallowed hard and thought: I guess this means I’m really doing it. When the count ended, she tucked down the narrow in-run between the trees for 10 more long seconds and launched over pavement. 

Rather than simply straight-airing it, Rouches laid out an arcing, heart-stopping backflip. As she rotated, the snowbank on the far side of the road came into view and passed comfortably under her skis. Unhappy that she didn’t quite stomp the landing, she hiked back up and did it again…

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