Giro Contour Goggle + Emerge Helmet

Living through the up-and-down winters of the Pacific Northwest has made finding the right goggle a never-ending headache. There have been far too many Mt. Baker days where my lenses have fogged through an infamous 33 degrees and snowing afternoon or on a hot hike out Shuksan Arm. Not being able to see properly is […]

Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove

Fist bumps only. After all, it would be nearly impossible to give a high five in the Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove—that’s how ergonomic they are. It’s actually a little difficult to open your hand completely when wearing them, but that just might be the best part about these gloves. That’s because the design is […]

Outdoor Research Hemispheres Collection

When it comes to outerwear, there are an abundance of options available to skiers. Technical features, such as waterproofing and breathability, are important to consider but riders also need to consider the fit and intended type of skiing. Outerwear is the first line of defense from the elements, staying warm and dry greatly improves the […]

DPS Phantom

I called bullshit when DPS Skis launched Phantom on Kickstarter. I guess you could say I am a skeptic by nature. A year and a half ago, I casually browsed Kickstarter for the latest and greatest crowd-funded invention. I’ve backed all sorts of projects over the years from a no-mess French Press (that doesn’t work) […]

Eddie Bauer Women’s Outerwear

Mt. Baker has long been the proving grounds for outerwear. Temperatures often hover between 29 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and locals have even learned to appreciate the rare-but-infamous 35-degree pow day. It’s a place where all-time, neck-deep conditions can turn to torrential rain within the hour, and the term “waterproof” is pushed to its extreme […]


I first tried HANAH ONE on the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. As red wine and carbs covered in gravy are not necessarily the backbone of a balanced diet, I needed all the help I could get come Monday morning, and I was stoked to see that my first shipment of HANAH had arrived over the weekend. […]


The newest glove technology for $92, or a $12 pair of Kinco work gloves and an $80 keg of PBR for you and your buddies on opening day at the ski hill? The choice is obvious; this type of financial wonder is a rarity in the life of the modern skier, so it’s understandable how […]

Leatherman’s Skeletool Mini Tool

For multiple decades of countless adventures, I never brought a multi tool when I went skiing. It wasn’t due to me being lazy—at home and at all other activities I am notoriously prepared, and as a photographer I’m not scared of carrying a little extra weight. And it wasn’t due to carelessness—I have tried a […]

Patagonia’s Untracked Jacket and Pant

There is gear that looks good. There is gear that works perfectly. And then there is gear that gets you engaged…and then keeps you dry when, immediately after she says “yes,” you tomahawk mid-line and dislocate your shoulder. The Patagonia Untracked outerwear kit is that kind of gear. Okay, there were probably personal factors that […]


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