Drew Smith Gallerie

Drew Smith was driving to a final job interview, picturing a future life that didn’t include photography. The rosy picture in his mind was that of small-town Montana—a good job at the power company, a nice truck, a wife. Maybe a couple of kids running around.  There were no imposing rock walls, no month-long expeditions, and […]


It has been a busy art season for Jeff Leger. Every summer “Lege,” as he’s affectionately known around his adopted home of Jackson, WY, takes a forced annual hiatus from the delights of subnivean days and teeing off cliffs to reflect on gifts of winters past, look forward to future turns, and immerse himself in […]


When I first met Christian Pondella in 1996 in Mammoth, CA, he was a skinny, cackling bundle of energy with a ponytail halfway to his ass, and a penchant for 208-centimeter Volkl GS skis and steep northy couloirs. I had connected with him during a spring trip from Colorado to visit my college buddy Nathan […]

Leslie Hittmeier Gallerie

After a relentless spring storm, the clouds finally parted. Leslie Hittmeier stared up at the East Ridge of Mount Bertha, a 10,204-foot glaciated peak in southeast Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park. She had to decide if she could ski the line. Hittmeier and a media crew had traveled with athletes Griffin Post, Elena Hight and Jeremy […]

David Stoecklein Gallerie

It was springtime in 1970s Utah, and the wildflowers were just starting to bloom when the general manager at Alta Ski Area, Onno Wieringa, ripped the only toilet from the floor of his little house. Lugging the porcelain throne up his ski hill, he met photographer David Stoecklein midmountain, and set his friend to work. Unfazed, […]

Axel Adolfsson Gallerie

In early September, all of Stockholm was plastered with campaign posters for Sweden’s upcoming general election. One of the posters featured a bespectacled character with a wry smile, standing in the middle of a sunny street flanked by single-family homes with branches from verdant apple trees hanging out over wooden fences. It was an idyllic scene […]

Geoff McFetridge Gallerie

Looking out across the endless gray of the Swiss Alps, snow-frosted and stoic, skiers at Laax were perplexed by the sign. It was shaped like a traditional blue square marker, the universal indicator of intermediate terrain, but in 2015 something about this one was different—it was a simple graphic of a skier bombing down an invisible […]

Alric Ljunghager Gallerie

Alric Ljunghager is tucking fast toward the big jump at Kimbosessions in Kläppen, Sweden. Too fast. Without fear or a second thought, the lanky Swede hits the lip with his faithful Canon 6D camera in hand. Seconds later, he’s rolling down the landing, bits of lens and camera body scattering in all directions as he tumbles. […]

Txema Trull Gallerie

The alarm was set for 6 a.m. It had been dumping for 24 hours, but the storm was set to clear out just in time for first light. Photographer Txema Trull and freeskier Jordi Tenas had spent four days skiing and camping under the iconic Cerro Torrecillas near Las Leñas, Argentina, and tomorrow was the day. […]

Jana Rogers Gallerie

Crouched on a ridge in Austria’s Zillertal Alps, photographer Jana Rogers observed the fading light in the snowcapped peaks The clouds had shifted allowing the sun to illuminate the rocky ridge above the slope, a photographer’s dream. The skiers dropped in and arced a few perfect turns down the untouched pitch. It was 2018 and Rogers […]


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